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WP07 Project Management

by Emmanuel Muhr last modified 27-07-2010 16:26
The Project Management Office (composed of P11 and the legal and financial directorate of C01-INRA) aims at properly initiating the management tools, running the appropriate monitoring procedures, and assisting all the partners for optimal performance and reporting up to the end of the project. This includes, but is not limited to:
  •         The administrative management including support to the decision making bodies and follow up of the reporting duties;
  •         The financial management to monitor the consumption of resources (time and funds) on a monthly basis consistently with the EC participation rules and those of the participating institutions;
  •         The knowledge management including initiating the appropriate groupware to further support the activities of foreground protection;
The good practice of administrative financial and knowledge management will be reminded to the actors in charge of the work, as often as needed, to emphasise their respective duties and to control that these actors keep involved in the project and motivated. All management procedures shall be described in a Project HandBook, a pragmatic leaflet to be circulated to all actors working in the project.

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