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WP06 Dissemination and articulation with policy makers

by Emmanuel Muhr last modified 27-07-2010 16:13
The purpose of this work package is to organize the dissemination activity, which is seen by the Consortium as being of primary importance, and to organize the work with the stakeholders, and in particular with the EU Commission directorates general Research, Agriculture and Trade. A specific aim is to promote knowledge sharing with the potentials users of the results of the project, greater public awareness, transparency, and education. The partners shall be required to provide tangible proof that collaborative research not only exists, but also pays dividends in terms of academic excellence, industrial competitiveness, employment opportunities, environmental improvements and enhanced quality of life for all. At the same time, the communication of successes and the announcement of exploitable developments are of direct value to the participants themselves. Suitably framed messages can help by:
•    Drawing the attention of the European Commission, national governments, regional authorities and other public and private stakeholder to the results of the research;
•    Encouraging talented students and scientists to join the partner institutes and enterprises;
•    Generating demand for the developed databases, models and studies, in particular thanks to the involvement of the Joint Research Center as a partner (P08).

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