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"The implications for bananas of the recent trade agreements between the EU and Andean and Central American countries" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 18:29
by Giovanni Anania (University of Calabria) Published in Ictsd Policy Brief, no. 5, September 2010
Draft agenda [1%] by slama, 07-10-2010 10:26
Hotels list in Sevilla [1%] by slama, 07-10-2010 10:23
WP2010-04 "The art of Exceptions: Sensitive Products in the Doha Negotiations" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 18:20
by C.Gouel (INRA AgroParisTech), C. Mitaritonna (CEPII), M.P. Ramos (FACE-UADE, CEPII)
WP2010-03 "Comparing numerical methods for solving the competitive strorage model" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 17:05
by C.Gouel (INRA AgroParisTech)
WP2010-01 "Economic Partnership Agreements and Food Security" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 16:10
by Alan Matthews (Institute for International Integration Studies and Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland) Published in Morrissey O. ...
WP2009-13 "The Combination of Gravity and Welfare Approaches for Evaluating Non-Tariff Measures" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:57
by Anne-Celia Disdier, Stephan Marette (Inra-AgroParisTech) Published in American Journal of Agricultural Economics 92,3(2010): 713-726
WP2009-11 "Schemes for aggregating preferential tariffs in agricultural, export volume effects, and African LDCs" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 18:19
by Wusheng Yu (University of Copenhagen) Published in Food Economics, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp56 -71, (2009).
WP2009-12 "The impact of EU nonreciprocal trade preferences and the role of compliance costs" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 18:33
by M.Agostino, F. Demaria, F. Trivieri (University of Calabria, Italy) Published in Journal of Agricultural Economics, (61), 3, 2010, pp. 652-679
WP2009-10 "Calibrating Mathematical Programming Spatial Models" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:42
by Giovanni Anania (Unviersity of Calabria), Sophie Drogué (INRA AgroParisTech), Quirino Paris (University of California, Davis, USA)
WP2009-07 "Determinants of land use changes: a spatial multinomial probit approach" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:22
by Raja Chakir (Inra-AgroParisTech) and Olivier Parent (University of Cincinnati) Published in Land Economics, (2009), vol. 85, N° 2. pp. 238–251
Events and Meetings [1%] by slama, 20-04-2010 16:24
AgfoodTrade Leaflet [1%] by slama, 02-09-2009 14:48
WP2009-09 "Trade Impact of European Measures on GMOs Condemned by the WTO Panel" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:37
by A.C. Disdier (INRA-AgroParisTech), L. Fontagné (Université Paris I, CEPII) Published in Review of World Economics, 146(3): 495-514
WP2009-03 "Multilateral Trade Negotiations and the CAP" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 18:24
by G. Anania (University of Calabria, Italy) Published in S. Senior Nello and P. Pierani (eds), International Trade, Consumer Interests and Reform of the ...
WP2009-05 "Informal barriers on agricultural trade: Does the integration matter?" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:18
by M. Huchet-Bourdon (Agrocampus Ouest, France) and A. Cheptea (Inra Rennes, France)
WP2009-02 "The EU Agricultural policy from a long run perspective: implications from the evolution of the global context" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:17
by G.Anania (University of Calabria, Italy)
WP2009-04 "A picture of tariff protection across the world in 2004: MacMapHS6, version 2" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:17
by Boumellassa H. (CEPII), Laborde Debucquet D. (IFPRI), Mitaritonna C. (CEPII)
WP2009-06 "Trade Liberalisation in the Doha Round" A global and Danish Perspective [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:19
by K.Baltzer, H.G.Jensen, K.M. Lind (University of Copenhagen) Published in Danish Journal of Economics (Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift), 146 (3): 263-300, 2008
WP2008-04 "Comparative Advantages, Transaction Costs and Factor Content of Agricultural Trade: Empirical Evidence from CEE" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:04
by d'Artis Kancs (LICOS, EERI and LSE), Pavel Ciaian (SAU and EERI), Jan Pokrivcak (SAU and EERI)
WP2008-03 "Regionalism vs. Multilateralism: assessing the impact of free trade agreements between EU and Asian Countries" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:04
by A. Antimiani (INEA), C.Mitaritonna (CEPII), L.Salvatici ( University of Molise), F. Santuccio (IPTS)
WP2008-02 "Tariffication of Tariff Rate Quotas under oligopolistic competition: the case of the EU import regimes for bananas" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 14:49
by M.Scoppola (University of Macerata Italy)
WP2008-01 "Preferential trade agreements and European Union of apples, pears and grapes: an application of the gravity model using monthly data " [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 18:17
by P.Cardamone (Unviersity of Calabria Italy) Published in The European Review of Agricultural Economics (2011), doi: 10.1093/erae/jbq052.
Meeting of the Project Executive Board and the Advisory Board on May 14-15 2009, Rome [1%] by slama, 28-07-2010 11:29
AgFoodTrade meeting: meeting of the project executive board and a 1.5 day scientific seminar on the project output and ongoing research. The meeting will ...
WP2008-07 "Are Standards Always Protectionist?" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:08
by S. Marette (INRA), J. Beghin (Iowa State University) Published in Review of International Economics, 18,1(2010) : 179­-192.
WP2008-06 "European Union's Preferential Trade Agreements in Agricultural Sector: a gravity approach" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:06
by E. Pishbahar, M.Huchet-Bourdon (Agrocampus Ouest). Published in Journal of International Agricultural Trade and Development, 5(1), 2008, pp. 93-114, ...
WP2008-05 "Trade Preference Index" [1%] by slama, 03-05-2011 15:05
by M.Cipollina L.Salvatici (University of Molise)
CCTAME - Terrestrial Adaption and Mitigation in Europe [1%] by slama, 02-07-2008 14:34
CATSEI - Chinese Agricultural Transition: Trade, Social and Environmental Impacts [1%] by slama, 02-07-2008 10:42
TRADEAG - Agricultural Trade Agreement [1%] by slama, 02-07-2008 10:40
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