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"CAP Developments After 2013" [1%] by jbure, 31-08-2011 08:32
By J.C. Bureau and L-P. Mahé Note : a revised version of this paper was publishe in QA Revista Dell'Associazione Rossi-Doria. 4-2009, pp 29-56., under the ...
Bureau J-C. and Mahé L-P. (2010) "CAP Payments after 2013 and Rural Public Goods" QA Revista Dell'Associazione Rossi-Doria. 4-2009, pp 29-56. [1%] by jbure, 11-04-2011 14:25
WP2011-01 "Irreversible Investment, Uncertainty and Ambiguity: The Case of the Bioenergy Sector" [1%] by jbure, 03-05-2011 17:58
by P.A. Jouvet (University Paris Ouest), E. Le Cadre (INRA) and C. Orset (INRA)
WP2010-08 "Assessing the Impact of Recent Trade Policy Changes in the Banana Market under Alternative Market Structures" [1%] by jbure, 03-05-2011 17:56
by G. Anania (University of Calabria, Italy) and M. Scoppola (University of Macerata, Italy)
WP2010-07 "Can the concept of 'food sovereignty' justify increasing agricultural protection in developing countries?" [1%] by jbure, 03-05-2011 17:53
by C. Laroche-Dupraz (Agrocampus-Ouest, INRA) and A. Postolle (ESA Angers, CIRAD-INRA).
WP2010-06 "Agricultural Domestic Support: European Union" [1%] by jbure, 03-05-2011 17:49
by H. G Jensen (University of Copenhagen)
WP2010-05 "Determinants and pervasiveness of the evasion of customs duties" [1%] by jbure, 03-05-2011 17:45
by S. Jean (INRA) and C. Mitaritonna (CEPII)
Matthews A. "Economic Partnership Agreements and Food Security". In Morrissey O. ed., 'Assessing Prospective Trade Policy: Methods Applied to EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements', London, Routledge, 1 edition (September 28, 2010) [1%] by jbure, 03-05-2011 16:08
Boysen O. and Matthews A. "Trade and Poverty Impacts for Uganda". In Morrissey O. ed., 'Assessing Prospective Trade Policy: Methods Applied to EU-ACP Economic Partnership Agreements', London, Routledge, forthcoming in 2010. [1%] by jbure, 27-04-2010 21:00
Gouel C. "Agricultural Price Instability. A Survey of Competing Explanations and Remedies". Forthcoming ion the Journal of Economic Surveys, 2010 [1%] by jbure, 27-04-2010 19:01
Ciaian P., Pokrivcak J., Drabik D. "Transaction costs, product specialisation and farm structure in Central and Eastern Europe". Post Communist Economies. Vol. 21, No. 2, June 2009, 191-201. [1%] by jbure, 27-04-2010 19:25
Disdier A.-C., Fontagné L. (2010), Trade Impact of European Measures on GMOS Condemned by the WTO Panel, Review of World Economics, 146(3): 495-514 [1%] by jbure, 03-05-2011 15:35
Jensen, H. T., S. Robinson, F. Tarp. "Measuring Agricultural Policy Bias: General Equilibrium Analysis of Fifteen Developing Countries". Forthcoming in American Journal of Agricultural Economics; 2010. [1%] by jbure, 20-04-2010 19:13
Yu. W. "Schemes for aggregating preferential tariffs in agriculture, export volume effects, and African LDCs". Food Economics, Vol. 6, No. 1, pp56 -71, (2009). [1%] by jbure, 20-04-2010 19:22
Yu, W. and Jensen H.G. "China’s Agricultural Policy Transition: Impacts of Recent Reforms and Future Scenarios". Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol 61, No. 2 (2010) [1%] by jbure, 20-04-2010 19:18
Callois J.M. and Gaigné C. "Attitudes Towards Foreign Products and Welfare with Capital Mobility". Open Economies Review, Springer Netherlands, May, 2009 923-7992 [1%] by jbure, 16-04-2010 19:58
Cipollina M. and Salvatici L. “The trade impact of European Union agricultural preferences”, Journal of Economic Policy Reform, Vol. 13, No. 1, March 2010, pp. 87–106. [1%] by jbure, 16-04-2010 19:58
Cipollina M. and Salvatici L. “Reciprocal trade agreements in gravity models: a meta-analysis”, Review of International Economics, Volume 18 Issue 1, February 2010, pp. 63 - 80. [1%] by jbure, 16-04-2010 19:56
Gohin A., Treguer D. "On the (de) stabilisation effects of biofuels : the relative contributions of market forces and policy instruments". Forthcoming in Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics [1%] by jbure, 16-04-2010 10:31
Gohin A., Chantret F. "The long run impact of energy prices on world food markets: The role of macro-economic linkages". Energy Policy, 38(1), 2010, pp. 333-339 [1%] by jbure, 16-04-2010 19:31
Drogué S., DeMaria F., Matthews A. "Impacts of the revision of the European generalized scheme of preferences on agrifood imports from developing countries", INRA Social Sciences N° 3 June 2009 [1%] by jbure, 16-04-2010 10:24
available at
Marette S. and Beghin J. "Are Standards Always Protectionist?" Review of International Economics, 18,1(2010) : 179­-192. [1%] by jbure, 16-04-2010 19:52
Disdier A-C. and Marette S. “The Combination of Gravity and Welfare Approaches for Evaluating Non-Tariff Measures.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics 92,3(2010): 713-726. [1%] by jbure, 16-04-2010 19:51
Femenia F., Gohin A., Carpentier A. "The Decoupling of Farm Programs: Revisiting the Wealth Effect". American Journal of Agricultural Economics (2010) 92(3): 836-848 [1%] by jbure, 16-04-2010 19:49
Matthews A. "Global Food Security, Price Volatility and Implications for EU Agricultural Policy" appeared (in Finnish) under the title "Globaali ruokaturva, hintojen heilahtelu ja niiden vaikutukset EU:n maatalouspolitiikkaan" in PTT-katsaus 2009/2 [1%] by jbure, 15-04-2010 23:50
Pishbahar E., Huchet-Bourdon M. "Armington Elasticities and Import Tariff: Application for Shipped Rice into European Union". Forthcoming in Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2009 [1%] by jbure, 15-04-2010 23:48
Féménia F., Gohin A. "On the European Responsibility in Agricultural Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Modelling the Impacts of the Common Agricultural Policy". World Economy, 32(10), pp. 1434-1460 [1%] by jbure, 16-04-2010 10:29
Féménia F., Gohin A. "Estimating Price Elasticities of Food Trade Functions: How Relevant is the CES Based Gravity Approach?" Journal of Agricultural Economics, 60(2), 2009, pp. 253-272 [1%] by jbure, 16-04-2010 19:47
Huchet-Bourdon M., Pishbahar E. "Preferential Trade Agreements between European Union and Developing Countries: a Gravity Approach for the Agricultural Sector". Journal of International Agricultural Trade and Development, 5(1), 2008, pp. 93-114. [1%] by jbure, 15-04-2010 23:44
Baltzer, K., H. G. Jensen and K. M. Lind "Trade liberalisation in the Doha Round – A Global and Danish Perspective", Danish Journal of Economics (Nationaløkonomisk Tidsskrift), 146 (3): 263-300, 2008 [1%] by jbure, 15-04-2010 23:42
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